Kayangan Lake: A Hidden Paradise

If you would ask me if I love to travel alone I'll be glad to say yes, I love going to places particularly areas on my bucket list. I am already working now so that makes it hard for me to update my blogs but what my work status allowed me to travel places. And one … Continue reading Kayangan Lake: A Hidden Paradise


Philippine Independence

"In the midst of scarce of ammunition and fire power, they raise there machete and fought for freedom" -akja The photo above was an Illustration of various Filipino Heroes who fought and struggled during the invasion of the foreign colonizers (Espanya or now called Spain and Japanese), I drew this image while I was in … Continue reading Philippine Independence

The flag bearers of Peace

Violence, Terrorism, Kidnapping, Genocide and other sorts of chaos are happening in different parts of the world and there is only a little single dot of light that we see about peace. It’s not only that, it’s also hard to achieve even you dedicate your life in to it. Why? Because of divisions and conflicts … Continue reading The flag bearers of Peace