Songs that never get old…

Songs that never get old... Are the songs that reach into someone's soul. Musics that soothes the ears and softens the heart.



The Hidden Paradise: Somewhere within the Philippines lies a secret village. If I want tranquility and peace of mind this is the place where I want to be, So silent and divine. Uhmmmmm aaaaaah~ Inner Peace.

The conversation about an unfair deal

Heard about Spells, Black Magic, Charms and other Ritual Incantations? These rituals and incantations had been practiced way back from history, from the Book of Genesis Eve and Adam. Surprised? You should be, a brief story about what happened in Heaven’s Garden during the very first creation of men in a religious point of view, … Continue reading The conversation about an unfair deal

College Heirarchy

I was on a fast food restaurant counting sheep jumping over the fence. OH NO! wait, I was eating this dessert and I saw students walk fast some do run. About 2:5 of them are always in a hurry. What's wrong with this guys. Then my phone beeps. "Waaa. College so terrible. Bla Bla" I just thought … Continue reading College Heirarchy